Talking with Murielle Bourdette,French Rebellion Showroom

February 04, 2016 BY CAPSULE


FRENCH REBELLION is an incubator for new talents across the fashion, arts, beauty, and music industries; an international lab for brand development and market establishment. French Rebellion was founded in 2014 by three friends, Julia Simon, Murielle Bourdette-Menaut and Stéphane Dago, all French, as a way of helping new talent create their international brand identities and look beyond their borders.

We spoke with Murielle as she prepared for the upcoming Capsule New York Women's show.

(C) Tell us about French Rebellion. What do you specialize in?
French Rebellion is a way to represent brands. We have a global vision of our approach. We do sales, PR and events and we are trying to bring something new and different to the US market with our brand selection.

(C) Tell us your back story.
Julia, my partner has lived in the USA for 12 years now. She launched our main showroom, called Edite, 10 years ago, which allowed her to create good relationships with the most influential buyers in the US market. As for me, I ‘ve been a designer and consultant for 15 years in luxury and I split my time between Paris and NYC. I’m moving to the Big Apple at the end of the month. I’ll soon be a Baby New Yorker

We decided to launch French Rebellion 2 years ago and we believe that the success of French Rebellion is the combination of our various experiences, knowledge and French culture.

We have a specific aesthetic and we love working as an incubator with baby brands, but we also represent the already established brands in their development. The US market is a very specific market and we think this is very important to develop a bespoke service to our brands.

(C) Where are you located?
We are based in NYC in Chelsea and because we love the idea of being a tribe, as nomads we can go to LA, Miami, Paris, Japan, if we think this is profitable for brands.

(C) Which brands are you bringing to Capsule?
This season we’ll be at Capsule with two US brands-- Sunaj and 34°N 118W; two Italian Brands-- Seafarer and Gum), two French brands -- Inouitoosh and Karine Lecchi.

(C) What trends are you excited about for AW16?
Black and white graphics, punk spirit, tribal rumors, continuity 70s and 80s comeback. Trends inspired as varied as mastered, reflecting the many facets of the modern woman and celebrating primarily personal style.

More than a showroom Edite-French Rebellion is a lifestyle, a movement and a philosophy just as our brands are more than brands.

French Rebellion will be at Capsule New York Women's