Fort Makers AW 13 Lookbook

February 25, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Fort Makers is a Brooklyn based collaborative art group that helps emerging artists launch their careers. Since their conception in 2008, Fort Makers continues to push the artistic boundary through unconventional means of exposure. We caught up with Nana Spears, the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Fort Makers, to learn more about Fort Makers' involvement with the Mega Mega showroom, "Fort Makers is teaming up with Mega Mega in order to build the largest and brightest spotlight possible. As a group of artists, we want to get our work out there, and we see Mega Mega as being the most able to do this. Mega Mega and Fort Makers have akin aesthetic sensibilities. We noticed this as soon as we met Meghan and Lauren and saw their showroom. They've thought a lot about the best ways to showcase small beautiful objects, because they specialize in selling jewelry and accessories. I wasn't it great leap for them to take from promoting accessories to promoting artwork." Get an exclusive glimpse at Fort Makers' AW13 lookbook below.