Foreign & Familiar's 'Vacation' Lookbook

September 25, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


Menswear has become considerably "easier" over the past few years, and not easier in that dressing well has become simpler, but because the fit and function of clothes has become easier on the body. While styles are becoming more active on the runway, there are brands that still hold old trends in such a high regard due in part to men's personal tastes and also because the styles of today are built on what was set forth not too long ago. Men are wearing high quality goods but opt for comfort above all else. Rigidity is being abandoned, and its safe to say good riddance. It's as if men are taking a vacation from dressing properly every day, because basically, what else is there to prove when it comes to style?

The word 'vacation' comes to mind thanks to the the SoCal based lifestyle brand of the same name, Vacation. Every piece in their collection is tailor-made for the easy-going, city dweller that wants to be outfitted in clothes that can take him from point a to point b the long way, on the exciting route less traveled. Exploration on all levels is a key theme for the brand like exploring a different page of the food menu of your favorite restaurant, checking out a part of town you've never explored before or even traveling to a new city or country and getting lost in adventure.

Brand rep, Michael Ficek explains, "Vacation is a Southern California based lifestyle brand. The company concentrates on casual contemporary menswear and accessories. Each season of the label's collection draws inspiration from a new destination, deriving from the experiences of the determined wanderer. Vacation strives to create clean, classic fitting apparel with an emphasis on quality fabrics and subtle details."

You don't have to go far to wear Vacation, just be willing to do so.

Check out the gallery above for a look at the brand.