#FOMO Files: Calvin Klein Encounter Launch

September 28, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Last night, Calvin Klein threw a swanky party to celebrate the launch of their new fragrance ENCOUNTER, reportedly inspired by the scent of Craigslist personal ads. Did you make it out to check out the soiree and get your smell on?

Oh. Well don’t worry, girl. We’ve gone ahead and culled the internets to piece together a recap for you, so you can tell all your friends you were there. FOMO no more, kiddo.

First of all, anticipation for this event was so high that people were pumped to tell everyone about it before they even arrived.

Some people traveled across oceans to get there. The Atlantic Ocean, specifically.


And when they finally arrived, guests had to wait even longer until they could inhale fumes from the intoxicating new CK scent. The elevator ride to the party space at the McKitrick Hotel was so long that some attendees were forced to break out their emergency munitions.

Hold on…. what’s that? Alexander Skarsgard was there?

Oh, what do you know? So, he’s a great guy. What did he look like? Would you say he was glowing?

I knew it. How tall is he?

Whoa. It must be that Scandinavian diet of eggs and salmon and moose or whatever. Anyhow, some people actually got to meet and chat with Alexander.

While others simply basked in his glowing presence.

And others looked on from afar. Really afar.

Speaking of keeping a healthy distance, waiting for a drink at the bar was an exercise in stamina and endurance.

It’s too bad there weren’t any other luminaries there to ogle over to help pass the time.

What? Kenneth from 30 Rock? Pic or it didn’t happen.

Ok, then. So Olivia Wilde was there, too. Did she do anything noteworthy?

Wow, that A-Skars really likes getting cozy at parties with girls named Olivia, huh?

So all in all a good night at the Calvin Klein Encounter launch. The fragrance itself received raves that were almost as enthusiastic as those for Alexander.

What does “heavenly” smell like, though?

Got it. So Encounter equals heavenly sex. I guess I can get on board with that.

Oh, hey girl.


-Steve Dool