Five Shirts from Baewear We Love to Hate


Earlier last week, irreverent T-shirt brand Baewear set the internet abuzz with a collection of several shirts honoring / poking fun at many of menswear’s most prominent members. Baewear has since garnered reactions ranging from scathing skepticism to reluctant recognition, with the polarization surrounding the brand culminating in an article published on The New York Times website yesterday. In the article, a Baewear representative speaking anonymously remarked to The Times that the brand just wanted “an outlet to turn micromemes into physical products immediately”, often with a wink and a nod to the obscure hip-hop references and catchy slang that have become the de facto lingua franca of the menswear masses. Love the brand or hate the brand, there’s no denying it: Baewear is officially a thing. Or, have it both ways.

Here are the five shirts from Baewear we love to hate.


In the article from The Times, the Baewear representative was quoted saying, “At the end of the day, we do it for the LOLs.” Well, this is one shirt we’re definitely not laughing at. A clear riff on the near ubiquitous Hood by Air printed t-shirt; this Baewear iteration features a plethora of similarly blocked logos that are sure to irritate even the most serene streetwear aficionado.


The “Pesko Fucked My Bitch” tee from Baewear features nice-guy Josh Peskowitz, Men’s Fashion Director at Bloomingdales and oft snapped street style star, reimagined as a wolfish womanizer. This image makes us feel, um.. a little uncomfortable.


The “Struggle” shirt amusingly articulates the woes of “broke bloggers” around the world who fly themselves to Pitti with the goal of being shot by Tommy Ton. Broke or not, one thing’s for sure: wearing this shirt won’t help in your struggle to get snapped.


Nick Wooster as Jesus? In the #menswear world, the “Woost God's word is law. His style is impeccable.. He even wears the flowing robes of the Lord, effortlessly.


The “Saint Lawrence” tee riffs on the iconic Saint Laurent tee, depicting Lawrence Schlossman, the polarizing Editor-in-chief of Four Pins and “Patron saint of #Menswear” with an angelic gold halo.

Love it or hate it, see the entire collection at

All photos via Baewear