Five Industry Figures Who are Killing it Right Now

July 29, 2013 BY WATM

The menswear industry is an eclectic mix of assorted different styles, tastes, and peculiarities. In a business that places such strong emphasis on aesthetics and external appearances, it's hard to stand out from the crowd of fashionable buyers, editors, and designers that keep the industry running like a well oiled machine, yet consistently clog up your tumblr dashboard. It takes a meticulously curated wardrobe and a keen sense of personal style to differentiate yourself from the hordes of other stylish figures that surround you, and often even the best designer duds are not enough to lock up an automatic street style opportunity. However, with consistent attention to detail, dedication to rocking your own look, and a cooly nonchalant attitude that adds just the right dose of insouciance, you can rise above all to claim your proper position as the best dressed man in any room. Should you find yourself still struggling to conquer the competition, just take a look at these five dapper dudes and count yourself a more stylish man already.



1. Yasuto Kamoshita- Creative Director of United Arrows, designer of Camoshita United Arrows, and winner of the Pitti Immagine Uomo Award 2013.

The man behind perennial menswear favorite Camoshita United Arrows brings the same attention to color and fit that made his line famous to his own personal wardrobe. Yasuto takes traditional tailoring and turns it on its ear by factoring in loud plaids and subtle, unexpected prints. Yasuto consistently brings a uniquely Japanese perspective to classic Italian tailoring, all the while incorporating elements of American prep and ivy trad. While Mr. Kamoshita tends to dress more formally in perfectly tailored suits or sport coats, he always looks comfortable and happy in his clothes. With his effortless use of pattern and scrupulous attention to fit, Mr. Kamoshita schools us all on the way a gentleman should dress. His distinct fusion of old world tailoring and beautiful fabrics earned him the coveted Pitti Uomo award this year and an unquestionable spot on this list.



2. Armando Cabral- Model and designer behind his own eponymous collection of footwear.

Armando Cabral is not just another pretty face. The Guinean born model cultivated an appreciation for finely made clothing throughout his extensive career modeling for numerous luxury design brands. Armando knows how to complement his long, lean body through the use of minimalistic tailoring and an acute sense of fit and proportion. The shoe designer tends to stick to a simple color palette of various shades of black, white and gray, that allow the texture and material of his clothing to do all the talking. Armando focuses on simple yet timelessly elegant silhouttes, that are only complemented by the contrast created in his subtle black and white outfits. Through his attention to fit and appeciation for a more monochromatic palette Armando offers an invaluable lesson on how to look sleek and stylish without the use of ostentatious details.



3. Eugene Tong- Senior Style Editor at Details magazine.

Eugene effortlessly mixes high end streetwear with super luxe tailored wear to create an aesthetic that is both avant garde and undeniably cool. His penchant for proportion play and fearless layering only further reinforces his position on this list. Eugene combines streetwear staples like snapback hats and good looking kicks with dressed up pieces like simple dark blazers or a gray herringbone overcoat. Despite his experimentation with proportion, Eugene knows exactly what looks good on him, and never fails to impress. His stylistic fearlessness and extensive knowledge of texture and fabric ensures that while he'll be looking for something new to try next, we'll still be ogling at pictures of his last outfit.





4. Beppe Modenese- Honorary chairman of the Italian Chamber of Fashion.

Aside from being a living lesson on how to age gracefully, Beppe can teach us all the importance and beauty of a uniform. Beppe is hardly ever seen devoid of his trademark uniform of a pinstriped, double breasted suit, solid knit tie, and silk pocket square casually stuffed into his breast pocket. A living embodiment of the Italian idea of sprezzatura, or effortless elegance, Beppe understands the inherent simplicity of wearing clothing that you are comfortable in, while not sacrificing an ounce of style or panache. Beppe understands what works for him, and wisely never deviates too far from the basic formula of his personal style. Mr. Modenese dresses to please himself, without any regard to what is currently "in style" or "trending", and somehow ends up looking more stylish than us all.



5. Milan Vukmirovic- Co-founder of the Colette concept store, former Creative Diector of Trussardi 1911, current publisher, Creative Director, and editor-in-chief of Fashion for Men magazine, current co-owner and founder of the Webster Miami.

STREETFSNMilan Vukmirovic has lent his heightened sense of style and discerning eye to numerous projects around the world, including the acclaimed Parisian concept store Colette, and the tremendously successful Webster store in Miami. Milan honed his style through stints at Gucci, Jil Sander, and Trussardi, and has since gone on to solidify his reputation as one of the best dressed men in the world, and a recurrent favorite of street style photographers across the globe. While owning some of the best clothes around certainly helped Vukmirovic attain those accolades, it's his ability to put together those clothes that truly separates his style from the hordes of other street style stars on the Internet. Vukmirovic understands the importance of simple yet inherently masculine design, whether it be a Navajo print on a fatigue green field jacket, or a wool topcoat that references classic military tailoring. No matter the piece, Vukmirovic injects an automatic dose of testosterone and rugged masculinity to create a look that is both well put together and completely badass, and offers an important lesson on cultivating a uniquely individual look, while at the same time understanding that less is more.