Fish Outta Water: Capsules Friends' Fav Haunts Away From Home...


The traveling commences as Fashion Week creeps up on our calendars and all across the world. Cross reference your agenda with this list of Capsules Friends' favorite places to go when they are satisfying their wanderlust.



As recommended by Angelo Baque, Brand Director, Supreme, New York

Favorite restaurant: Robert et Louise (64 Rue Vieille du Temple 3e), best steak in Paris hands down. It is small and cramped on the top floor but that’s where you want to sit, right next to the open flame where they cook your meat.

Best place for late night drinks: Le Pompon (39 rue des Petites Ecuries

10e) of course. My brother Charaf Tajer owns this nightclub and it feels like home every time I go. They are also kind enough to let me dj every time I come into town.

Favorite form of transportation while in town & why do you prefer that mode of transport?: Taxi. I still feel like a dumb tourist no matter how many times I go to Paris. I still enjoy looking at all the architecture and landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.

Secret shop: No name for it that I know of but there is a book flea market every Sunday in the 15th. I found an old 80's book that was solely on the Porshe 911, which has been my dream car since Rick Ross rapped about it…, I’m kidding. I'm an 80's baby, what other car symbolizes excess and money any better?


Simon Hogeman

As recommended by Simon Hogeman, owner, Tres Bien Shop, Copenhagen

Favorite restaurant in NY: There's so many but one we've been to a few times is ABC Kitchen by Union Square (35 E 18th St).

Best place for late night drinks in NY: “ The hottest place” changes so fast so it's hard to keep up. We always end up a couple of times at random bars around LES/East Village so that's probably the best place.

Favorite form of transportation: Everywhere else we use metro way more than taxi but in New York it's probably the other way around. Definitely prefer walking though.

Do you do any sightseeing or touristy stuff when you're here?: Not intentionally but you kind of stumble upon things everywhere so it's kind of impossible not to.

Favorite store: Prada at Broadway and Prince! (575 Broadway)



As recommended by Peter Landa, Owner, Black Sheep Road, Amsterdam

Favorite restaurant in Berlin: We always go to the same Italian place across from White Trash, called San Marco (Schönhauser Allee 102,) because White Trash is always full and actually we really like that Italian. The guy is old school and he serves food wearing a proper wife-beater with stains of tomato sauce on it.

Best place for late night drinks in Berlin: Imust say Odessa Bar -- weird evenings there when it gets later and later. After that Club Weekend (Alexanderstrasse 5, Mitte) always has a great party. Berghain (Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain) forafter after.

Favorite mode of transportation : Metro. At night I take a taxi. Walking is great too!

Do you do any sightseeing? We like to explore the nightlife. Does that count?



As recommended by Josh Peskowitz. Fashion Director, Bloomingdales, New York

Favorite restaurant in Florence: Buca Mario (Piazza degli Ottaviani, 16-red) is one of them.

Best place for late night drinks: Bar Gilli (1R Via Roma) in the summer. Who am I kidding? Bar Gilli in the winter too.

Favorite form of transportation: I prefer walking. I feel like taxis are always going in the wrong direction. I mean, I get lost walking, but getting lost in Florence is not so bad.

Do you ever do any sightseeing? Unfortunately, no time. I would love to go into the Uffizi one of these trips. It's been ages.

What stores do you always hit when you’re in Florence? Santa Maria Novella. I know there's one in NYC, but it doesn’t compare to the original. Milord. (Via della Scala, 16)




As recommended by Matthew Breen, Co-Owner, Carson Street Clothiers, New York

Favorite restaurant: Sage at City Center's Aria (3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South) is by far and away my favorite restaurant in Las Vegas. It perfectly captures the fun, vibrant Vegas vibe one would want with an outstanding take on New American cuisine. Always on my to do list.

Best place for late night drinks in Vegas: This is a difficult question because my answer varies based on the night I have had. If I am looking for a low-key light night drink I almost always end up at the Bellagio's - Lily Bar & Lounge,( 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd) a great alternative to Vegas' many nightclubs. If I am looking to turn in up a notch I will probably try my luck at one of Vegas' many clubs, including my personal favorite: XS at the Wynn. (3131 S Las Vegas Blvd)

Favorite stores: No matter how hard I try to stay away I always find myself roaming around at either The Crystals at CityCenter (3720 S Las Vegas Blvd) or The Shops at The Palazzo. It is admittedly a bit more commercial than I generally prefer, but it is always an inspiring experience. Unfortunately, you better have a big night at the tables before you make the trek.

Favorite thing to do in Vegas that doesn't involve work: Whenever I am not fighting through the crowds at trade shows, I make sure to always take my wife to see a new show. Vegas is littered with outstanding shows at all times of the day, I would urge anyone going to Vegas to dedicate a few hours for a show.


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