First Look: The Outcast

October 15, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS

the outcast.jpg

Downtown retailers launching clothing lines seems to be a bit of a trend these days (Oak, Bblessing, Assembly), and now the creative mind behind the most underground retailer of them all, THE CAST, has released The Outcast.  The brand is a spin off project from Ryan Turner, formerly of THECAST, in collaboration with Urban Outfitters, and is hitting stores today.

The line features what Ryan calls “working class duds at working class prices.” Sleeveless denim vests in black and indigo with aged over-dye and branded aged brass trimmings ($78). Lightly chewed up and spit out quilted faux leather jackets ($128), faded two tone cream/black thermals ($38). A soiled black hoodie with an American Voodoo print ($68) and a handful of tees ($24).

He tells us: “The collection celebrates the unsung heroes of Loser Town, USA. The rejects, the bad boys, the greasers, the kids who got beat up because they were ugly, working class America, hot rods & motorcycles, voodoo, rock n’ roll, masculinity, smoking, tattoos, dancing with hot broads, fist fighting, pre-marital sex & other bad boy shit from the 50s, 70s, & 90s. The odd ones out, always.”  Yay odd ones.  Pics after the jump.



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