FGF Industry Opens London Flagship Store


FGF Industry is set to open its first flagship store in London's Soho

The year that London is set to host the Olympics, retailers are taking notice and paying special attention to the city's thriving new energy. FGF Industry, the owner of both Blauer USA and C.P. Company, is opening its first flagship store in London's Soho area.

The FGF Store will house both brands in its new space, divided between two floors. The building was adapted from two existing Victorian shops and the navy blue, vintage-inspired storefront plays on the retail history of that area of the city.

The C.P. Company collections, which will occupy the main floor, will be displayed in custom designed wardrobes surrounded by stark, white walls and interior accents. The futuristic design featuring a transparent walkway with glass inserts, builds on the stylish English customer's familiarity with C.P. Company.

In contrast, the design of the basement, where Blauer USA will be housed, calls on iconographic imagery of the brand's latest campaign ambassador, a giant policeman on a motorcycle. Simple vintage furniture in oaks and black iron evokes the world of industry.

The FGF Industry London Flagship store can be found in the heart of London, at 46 Beak Street. Stop by on your way to watch men's archery during the 2012 summer olympics, or anytime before then.