Festival Glow: An Interview with Doe Paoro

August 03, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Our neighbors to the north in Montreal are putting on Osheaga Festival Musique Et Arts this weekend. Two and three day passes are sold out, but if you’re looking for a quick getaway, single day passes are still available. With five stages and headliners like Florence + The Machine, The Black Keys and Snoop Dog, you’re not going to want to pass up this killer Canadian weekend.

Brooklyn-based up-and-coming singer Doe Paoro who describes her musical genre as “ghost soul” – not your usual festival sound – will be performing Sunday afternoon at the festival. We caught up with her for a quick interview before the big weekend. Check it out and her video for “Born Whole” below.

Name? Doe Paoro.

What do you do? Write songs and sing them. (+ other stuff)

Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY.

What genre of music do you perform? Ghost Soul.

Most admired music icon? Lauryn Hill, guru.

Music advice or mantra? Go with yourself.

Favorite music festival? I like SXSW. There is a young, excited energy there, and I like how genreless it is.

Best memory from one of your performances? My first performance at Pianos in New York City. I was so nervous and shaking, and then I just found myself completely present and taken over by the emotion of the music, and I lost all sense of time. I was in it.

Best music performance you’ve been to? I saw Gil Scott Heron at Blue Note a few months before he died, and he was such a sage. Before he started singing, he reminded everyone to "enjoy themselves" because "if you don't, I won't do it for you, and you are here to enjoy" and I liked that. It set the intention.

Describe your personal clothing style. Whatever supports free movement.

Favorite clothing stores? My sister's closet, anything that looks interesting when I pass it, up-and-coming designer Jake Oliver has been lacing me out with threads and he is a fashion genie.

Favorite clothing item in your closet? A wrap-around skirt that my Grandmother used to wear.

Favorite city to visit? Dharamsala, India. I just came back from my second trip there.

Favorite restaurant? Souen in NYC.

Favorite movie? Right now it's "The Artist is Present," the documentary on Marina Abramovitch. It’s truly a gift to all artists, specifically women.

Favorite gadget? iPhone.

Twitter handle? I don't really know how to handle twitter, but you can find my bits and pieces of whatever @doepaoro.

Special summer plans? Getting it in with the sun, playing a few shows with Of Monsters and Men and then Osheaga, and finishing up our music video for "Body Games" which my good friend Miranda Siegel directed in Finland this past June.

Doe Paoro - Born Whole