April 23, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS

pg-8.jpg We had the chance to stop by the up and coming New York based denim line, 4 Stroke, the other day and sat down to go over some questions and get some insight on where the line is from and where it's headed. The brand has recently unveiled their men's denim line and Adam Christopher met with Designer Nate Freeman at 4 Stroke's New York showroom to see what was brewing. Check out pics and the feature right here at We Are The Market, after the jump.



Tell me how 4 stroke men's came together? We wanted to launch men's since the brands inception 3 years ago, but the timing wasn't right. About a year and half ago, we started researching fabrics, silouettees, and various details. We wanted it to be really focused and not feel over designed.

Where will the mens line debut? We did a soft launch for Spring '09. 

 What's in store for AW09? The inspiration for the Fall line of 4 Stroke centers around the photography of Josef Koudelka in his book, Invasion 68: Prague. The book documents the invasion of the Soviets into Czechoslovakia. We drew the inspiration for the collection from this book. The collection features smokey and dark washes on military and workwear inspired silouhettes. As far as fabrics, we have 100% pima cotton and a black topped stretch selvedge, both are from Cone Denim's White Oak Collection.

Who would you say your customer is for 4 Stroke Mens? New York minded savvy shopper into looking for a more diverse denim experience.

What's your take on the denim market currently? It's a bit overdone which is why our approach has been to play with denim shades and washes not existing in the market (i.e polka dot wash, marble wash,100% pima cotton and a black topped stretch selvedge) The line is New York born and bred and we feel that really shows. Let's face it, fashion doesn't need another LA denim brand.

(Adam Christopher) Ascroft-pima-trench.jpgbasement-relaxed-slim-words.jpgvest-and-shirt--front.jpg