Factory Visit: Naked and Famous Denim, Canada

December 19, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

The Naked and Famous team have been part of the Capsule Show family for as long as we can remember. A family-run business itself, Naked & Famous denim is all made in Canada in a factory that’s been in the family for decades. “My family has been manufacturing workwear for over 60 years in Canada, and this factory is a testament to our commitment to keeping domestic production alive and thriving,” explains owner Brandon Svarc. “We have many old sturdy machines from the 1950s and 60s, all made from metal with no plastic parts. We even have a rare Union Special 43200G bulldog chain-stitching machine which is Made in USA but we had to track it down from a machine seller in the countryside in Japan!”

Naked and Famous proudly boasts its Canadian provenance on every package. “We are proudly Canadian citizens, we love hockey and snow, and we have local expertise and experienced workforce. In Canada, we can make things very quickly, communicate to the factory in a language that we actually speak,” Brandon tells us proudly. Below, are photos from the Naked and Famous factory in Canada.

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