Discover at Capsule: Etnia Barcelona x Basquiat

January 28, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Etnia Barcelona, the independent Spanish eyewear brand, which takes inspiration from art and cultural movements, and is made from the highest quality acetates by Mazzuchelli and lenses by Barberini, has released a collection of 3 styles, inspired by the art of the legendary street artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

Three paintings serve as inspiration for the capsule collection:

Fallen Angel (1981)


an electrifying painting, a portrait of an obsession,a self-portrait of a person whose career was cut short but who left behind a powerful and complex legacy, like the fallen angel who disobeys God and is expelled from Heaven.

Glenn (1984)


From a period of intense creativity. Representing a monstrous, feverish, static, black head, resembling a mask radiating energy and emotion, against a background wall likein a kindergarten.

In This Case (1983)


One of Basquiat’s most famous works because of the way he combined complementary colors and contrasts between light and dark to create a rage filled representation of himself.


Details from Basquiat’s work make their mark on this collection, including color palette, extracts of Basquiat’s works placed on the inner side of the temple, and a small, gold etched crown in the top corner of the left eye, recalling the crown which was part of Basquiat’s signature.

See the collection at Capsule New York Women's Accessories, February 21-23 at Pier 94.