ENGEL Original AW13 Preview

March 29, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Trying to dress for every trend that rolls around each season is like trying to understand why women go to the bathroom in packs—it’s just not going to end well. Sometimes, we have to take a step back from the rat race and appreciate those designers who put function and quality above all else in their collections.

ENGEL Original has four generations of Danish workwear wisdom that is packed into every piece that it presents. For AW13, they’ve gone and reworked their workwear to add a contemporary edge to a generations-deep honing of fit and function in an effort to appeal to a larger circle of menswear enthusiasts. “We saw that the Thermal jackets had a future in the fashion stores,” said Jim Poulsen, head of sales for ENGEL. “Afterwards, we did add a lot of old styles. The idea also came because in the end consumers are looking for brands with a history and knowledge in a specific look, and we have made workwear for almost 100 years!”

Playing off of consumers' heightened interest in heritage brands and wanting to know what’s behind the clothes, ENGEL is looking to carve a niche in the market by sticking to what they know best. “Workwear is a expression of a more comfortable look and started in skate fashion stores,” said Poulsen. “Now, it is a statement for a more relaxed look. The consumers know that because workwear never changes that much! Of course we follow the trends but we keep to our know how.” Key pieces in ENGEL’s new collection include the thermal jacket, the pile jacket and the Dough boy jacket.

ENGEL’s decision to branch out in contemporary workwear might be a new endeavor now, but they hope to have staying power in this new circle of stores. They hope to see ENGEL hanging alongside other heritage and vintage brands for many seasons to come.