E-Cigs For All



Text by Steve Dool

Electronic cigarettes, the tar-less, liquid nicotine-filled vaporizers meant to mimic the experience of actually sucking down a Marlboro Red, have been gaining momentum for the last few years. The fashion crowd is notoriously pro-smoking, but several brands have been making strides toward making e-cigs more of a lifestyle change and less of a novelty. Who does it best? We test drive a few leading brands to see who comes out on top.



Flavor: Classic Tobacco

Packaging: Oddly black for a brand called Blu

Celebrity Endorsement:

Stephen Dorff

The Look: Thin and black; tip lights up blue with every inhale

Taste: Crisp, woodsy, clean

Pros: Made in the USA. And who doesn’t look up to Stephen Dorff when it comes to making responsible life decisions?

Cons: The e-cig itself is long and very conspicuous; the bright blue light makes you look like a pro-nicotine wizard

Overall Rating: 3 puffs out of 5

njoy group


Flavor: Menthol Bold

Packaging: Small plastic flip top

Celebrity Endorsement:

Courtney Love

The Look: Just like a real cigarette, faux filter and all

Taste: Satisfying with a nice menthol punch

Pros: The plastic case is easy to carry with you; the e-cig itself is so natural-looking that you don’t look like a huge loser smoking it in public

Cons: It’s so fun to smoke that you might actually end up needing real cigs to wean you off of the e-cigs

Overall Rating: 5 puffs out of 5



Flavor: Black Label Regular Tobacco

Packaging: A laminated card; they didn’t spend a lot of time on this one

Celebrity Endorsement: None!

The Look: All black with a blue light; a bit longer than Blu but otherwise virtually the same

Taste: Like a recently discovered cig from a pack you hid 6 months ago in a failed attempt to quit

Pros: Refillable cartridges are available, so you don’t need to buy a whole new piece when you run out; some models also have a USB recharger

Cons: That taste is really brutal. Enough to make you never want to smoke again. So, maybe pro?

Overall Rating: 2 puffs out of 5




Originally published in Capsule's Newsletter No.6