DropIt Messenger Service

June 27, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU



Let's be honest, we hate messenger services. Samples get delivered to the wrong addresses, products get left at studios, and sometimes messengers run away with your merchandise. The service is as reliable as public transportation, they're either hit or miss depending on your experience. One messenger service that knows how to get the job done is DropIt from Paris.

DropIt is a team of three men: Benjamin Gouyette, who goes by the name Le Jeune, Fabien Meyer, also known as Befa, and Fabrice Levannier, nicknamed Fuego. Paris is their home, they love their city through and through and know the ins-and-outs, shortcuts, and hidden gems of the city.

Their the go-to messenger service for the fashion houses in Paris, and one the best messenger services worldwide. So the next time you're in Paris and need a stress-free delivery you know who to call.

Check out their website, Paris DropIt, here.