November 17, 2015 BY CAPSULE

Disruption seems to be the catchword of the season, and brands and companies that take a non-traditional approach to business are what are succeeding right now. We asked a few industry insiders who they feel are leading with disruption right now.

MR Magazine &
I interviewed Lulu Kennedy recently. She was wearing a Bobby Abley ‘Flotsom’ neoprene sweater and we ate roast beef grilled cheese at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. There was a lot of disruption right in that moment, but Fashion East, the initiative she co-founded, has helped launch the careers of Jonathan Saunders, House of Holland, and Gareth Pugh among others, and is largely responsible for the establishment of London Collections: Men. If I had to choose someone closer to home, Bob Bland who founded Manufacture NY is reinvigorating our local garment industry through the creation of a new ‘fashion district’ in Brooklyn, as the fashion district in Manhattan continues to struggle. It isn’t a fashion brand or a retailer as such, but it’s certainly disrupting the fashion industry in a big way.

Graham Hiemstra, Deputy Editor, Hearst Digital Media and Founder, The Field
Well, in the coming weeks I will be launching The Field, a new digital publication primarily interested in the modern outdoor lifestyle space with a heavy focus on aesthetics. We will be disrupting the traditional ad model by foregoing banner ads in favor of an ultra-clean, user-focused site design.

Isaora is a brand that always seems focused on the future, both in terms of brand operations and design aesthetics. In recent years they returned to a direct to consumer model, and rather than stick to seasonal drops they do so whenever they feel like it (though I’m sure it's actually more technical than that). Outdoor Voices is killing it too. Though not sure they're disruptive, they're more just owning the design-forward active lifestyle space. And of course there's the whole Yeezus x Adidas thing, which is meant to be disruptive, though who really knows what's happening there.

Jeff Carvalho, Partner, High Snobiety, Selectism
Brands like GREATS, Isaora, Outdoor Voices, Warby Parker and Harry's are disruptive by selling direct to customers and removing middleman. Direct to consumer brands will continue to innovate on pricing and manufacturing in categories yet considered in need of need disruption.

Herbert Hofmann, Buyer & Creative Director VOO Berlin We try to do things in a different way at Voo all the time - the shop opened far away from the usual shopping area, we don't use classic merchandising and kept a raw industrial space with light that is cozy but not too bright (in order to show the product). I’m thinking of new running / fashion brand Satisfy!. What the guys from Satisfy did is so great and different from anything we've seen before. The collection is made for running but I'd wear every single piece as a fashion item as well.