Disney Goes Danish

October 13, 2014 BY STEVE DOOL

"The idea that a drawing of a mouse can develop into a global pop-culture phenomenon is quite fascinating," Wood Wood designer Brian SS Jensen told i-D Magazine by way of explaining the Danish brand's interest in working with Disney on a limited edition capsule collection.

It's a testament to Mickey Mouse's universal familiarity that the character is instantly recognizable, even in his most distorted form here, splayed across jackets, skirts and sweaters as if viewed through fun house mirrors. It's also a testament to Disney's willingness to collaborate with edgier, less mainstream brands and designers, a rare vote of confidence in creativity from a corporate behemoth. For further proof, see also their continuing partnership with London-based designer Bobby Abley.

The D&W.W. collection, as it's being called, will be available in exclusive pre-release on October 20th at - where else? - colette, before rolling out to retailers like and GoodHood in early November.

Images via i-D.