Discover: Hikaru Noguchi's timeless knitted accessories

December 07, 2015 BY CAPSULE


London-based designer Hikaru Noguchi believes that understanding the relationship between owners and their garments contributes to her creativity when thinking about and designing the knitted accessories collection as she has been doing for the last twenty years.

As the designer of timeless, gender neutral, well designed knitted accessories, Noguchi creates pieces that are designed to withstand the test of time, and which the wearer will keep in their wardrobes for decades to come.


Hikaru travels often and offers to mend damaged knitwear for free, asking the owners of the pieces why they want to repair their garment. From this exchange, Hikaru notes and records the owners’ reasons and their stories behind why they want to preserve the garment.

The designer will a launch a free mending service for the majority of items in the collection, in keeping with the philosophy that her products should last forever. As part of this service, Hikaru will also sell Darning Mushroom Kits, which are essential traditional haberdashery tools for Visible and Invisible garment mending.


Inspiration for the collection comes from many sources, from a scrap of fabric left on a weaving room floor, to traditional patterns, to old knitting pattern books from the 1930s and 1960s, as well as her collection of books on traditional folk costumes. She seeks a look that is both sophisticated and quirky, achieved through unusual juxtapositions of color and texture, and she uses materials spun by traditional spinners in Italy and Scotland.

Noguchi has collaborated with a number of British designers including Tom Dixon, and Top Shop and has done projects for Barneys, Browns, Paul Smith women, Takashimaya New York and many other stores.

See Hikaru Noguchi’s AW16 collection at Capsule Paris Men’s, January 22-24.