Capsule Las Vegas Preview: Daneson Toothpicks

August 04, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Essential oils, birch and single malt whiskey are the pure ingredients that make the tasty treats from toothpick purveyor, Daneson. Passing the time with their line is not only appetizing, but also means a conscious approach to making a quality product. Likening the experience to sipping wine makes perfect sense, in the subtle differences across batches, and painstaking efforts to perfect product.

Daneson was founded, and owned and operated by Peter Smith, with the name coming from a play on words from two maternal names in his family. As deep as the familial ties run, so too do the commitment to tradition, and honoring a societal appreciation for rituals. Smith proudly maintains the integrity of the brand with its founding values intact: American birch and American and Canadian suppliers are cornerstones of the business.

Not unlike the business of fast fashion vs. handmade, Deneson is a prime example of the beauty of the small batch.

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