Capsule Las Vegas Preview: CP Company

July 28, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Massimo Osti, "the godfather of urban sportswear", founded C.P. Company in 1975 as a non-conformist interpretation of classics for a man's wardrobe.

Paying homage to Osti’s groundbreaking garment dyeing techniques and cutting edge manufacturing, the global creative team embraces these tenants as the driving force behind the continued growth and success of C.P. Company.

C.P. Company returns to the brand’s roots by reinventing garments inspired by workwear and traditional tailoring through the advanced use of technology, innovation, and fabric performance. C.P. Company exemplifies the origins of functional menswear coupled with unparalleled Italian fabric innovation to create an entirely new genre of menswear.

For the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, C.P Company focuses on fabric innovation, new construction methods and dyeing techniques to reinterpret many of the brand’s original fabrics and garments. The 50 Fili “Piuma 50” Parka is a key outerwear piece this season. Piuma 50 is based off the original 50 Fili, the brand’s first original fabric. The Piuma 50 weighs half of the original fabric while continuing to respect the original construction and composition. The Raso EL blazer also reworks one of the original fabrics to create a fabric that is 40% lighter and includes stretch. The stretch allows the silhouette to become slimmer and more contemporary, while still respecting the traditions of C.P. Company. The P. Lastic Long Coat focuses on cutting edge construction by using Ultrasonic seams and Thermowelding that reduce bulk and eliminate the need for needle and thread.

(c) What are the classic wardrobe staples that every man should own?
We think that every man should own a serious piece of outerwear, which can be layered accordingly to the weather throughout the year: a parka, a field jacket or trenchcoat. These are styles which have always been the starting point of C.P. Company’s experimental, fabric research-driven Italian sportswear creations. We also believe that every man, regardless of whether he is a established professional or even just a kid with a more aggressive street style, needs a good blazer in his wardrobe. Something easy to wear but which also makes every look that little bit more dressed up and “elegant”

(c) How has dressing changed since the founding of the line in 1975? Has there been a shift in designing for this evolution?
Obviously the fit has changed a lot since 197, and the fabric treatment and dyeing technologies has evolved, but the spirit remains very much the same. In 1975 the brand’s founder Massimo Osti more or less single-handedly invented the genre of Italian sportswear by combining the classics of 20th century military uniforms and British sportswear (the stable jacket, the Mac…) with intense, experimental and audacious Italian fabric technology. Today the brand still represents the purest example of Italian sportswear style on the market:sophisticated but easy-to-wear design garments which speaks the language of functionality and where the customer's desires are satisfied by understanding the intrinsic material qualities of the garment.

(c) What are the key pieces, colors, fabrics, etc. for SS17
SS17 has a few key technological breakthroughs including the following:

-The development of the component dyeing technique, in which a membrane liner is added to garment dyed outer shells of jackets, allowing for a 3-layer jacket of a softness unparalleled on the market today

-The ultralight re-tuning of two of C.P. Company’s most iconic fabrics, 50 Fili and Raso 5, now re-baptized Piuma 50 and Raso EL both of which respect the original construction and composition but weigh 50 and 40% less, respectively

-A full range of double use pieces built on the roots of a project that founder Massimo Osti was working on before his passing away in 2005

-A full range of Ultrasonic seamed and Thermowelded jackets which have an entirely eliminated the use of seams or threads and express these avant-garde garment construction technologies in the most simple and pure way. The jackets, in this way, ‘design themselves’, letting the technology guide the final form

-Development of technical linen fabric, Vanguard, which thanks to subtle treatments mimics the performance characteristics demanded of synthetics while maintaining linen’s characteristic irregularities and organic appearance.