Cover of the Month: October

October 07, 2014 BY STEVE DOOL

Each month, We Are the Market chooses one magazine cover that we like the best to highlight here. This month's featured cover: AnOther Magazine with Kate Moss.

When it comes to fashion magazine editorials, sometimes you want editors to push the boundaries. You want to get something new and different that you've never seen before and won't likely see again. A new perspective addressing a new idea or showcasing what's next, who we'll be talking about soon and what we'll be thinking about for the foreseeable future.

And sometimes, you just want Kate Moss.

After the onslaught of highs, lows, reinventions and retreads that is September Fashion Month, a return to something dependable is a welcome sigh of relief. And let's not overcomplicate this: Kate Moss on a magazine cover, looking like she did, in fact, wake up like this, is about as sure a thing as anything in the fashion industry today.

AnOther Magazine rolled out their Autumn/Winter issue with not one, but four Kate Moss covers, celebrating different facets of Kate the Great. Heavyweights Willy Vanderperre, Collier Schorr, Alasdair McLellan and Craig McDean each shot a cover, with contributions from Katy England, Alister Mackie and Olivier Rizzo. Why deliver us one thing that we love, when we can have four?

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