Copenhagen Fashion Week Report: Meet House Of Montague

August 05, 2014 BY CAPSULE

Copenhagen Fashion Week is going down right now. Our friend Moussa Mchangama reports from the field.


Meet sneaker-brand House of Montague

House of Montague, the Copenhagen-based sneaker-brand currently making some big waves in Europe, launched its first collection in 2011. And now, following a lot of buzz, they have their sights set on the international market.

“We’re just signed with a distributor in the US and our focus is absolutely global,” says Designer Martin Ahn as we meet at CIFF, the biggest fashion fair in Scandinavia, where he’s exhibiting his new line.


“Our shoes are upscale, so Denmark would be too small of a market for our ambitions,” says , as he grins and points to one of his newest ventures, a collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur.

The collaboration sees mink-trimmed sneakers and a genius pair of Wellington boots lined with the plush mink furs inside. “We’ve sold them to Harvey Nichols in Russia,” he laughs, showing me a low-top completely covered in the luxurious black fur.


Ahn’s high-tops are quite popular and because many of them have a clean look and fetching details, it’s only natural that women have been asking about the kicks as well. Watch out for a women's collection soon.


“It just makes sense. It’s high quality, Italian leathers and they’re made in Portugal. If our ambitions are to be met, we need to think out of the box. It’s a difficult market to penetrate because people are very brand-oriented, but it’s a bit easier with women, as our shoes are just a little bit more edgy than what you normally see.”