CPH Fashion Week: An Interview With David Andersen

August 08, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

David Andersen's runway shows are always out of the ordinary, whether it's female models in menswear, or dazzling performers lining the runway, you can never be sure what to expect from the bold and provocative designer. On the day of his runway show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, we caught up with Andersen to talk about Nordic fashion, the insect that most inspires him and how the David Andersen girl might spend her summer.

How and why did you decide to create your own label ?

After receiving awards (2004 Best Costume Designer and Wedding Gown of the Year by the Royal Court Theater) and getting positive feedback from the public I know that this is where my whole heart is at. Creating the David Andersen label was my profound passion and still is. It is the way I can express my personality, the way I think and the way I get in contact with people.

How would you describe this fashion from Northern Europe?

Northen European fashion is clean and classic, you can see the details that make the design interesting. It is very innovative and open minded but has a foundation that reflects simplicity.

What caused the massive explosion of the Nordic trend in the global fashion scene? Would you say that Copenhagen has its place in the fashion world now?

Copenhagen definitely has its place in the fashion world. Nordic fashion is one of the main exports of Denmark. Copenhagen is a fine example for this. Despite the fierce competition with other fashion capitals, Copenhagen has proven its position as one of the most important fashion wheels in Europe. And most importantly Copenhagen is the front runner of CSR for the coming designs in the world, it pays particular attention to sustainability, which has become an essential part of the designs.

Can you describe SS13 collection and your inspiration for this season?

The SS13 design is distinct and permeated by the underground. It is sophisticated but sexy. The silhouette is a mix of volumes and fitted items that emphasize the shape of the body. My inspiration always comes from architecture. For this collection the inspirational element was an insect: the fly. I wanted to express the creature's way of getting on with life. The layers and details are making the body transparent, resembling a broken heart.

What is the perfect summer for a David Andersen girl?

South East Asia, where she can discover the excitement of Asian culture, its atmosphere and interesting architecture. But I love the uncertainty of the Danish summer as well where you need more clothes. It allows you to be more creative and to play around with your wardrobe.

Interview by Jean Baptiste Truong