Compass Preview: SeaVees



The SeaVees boys, founders Derek Galkin and Steven Tiller gave us some scoop regarding what we can look out for at Compass on Friday. While fashion and design may fill their time - it seems like Sloane from Entourage has also been occupying some of their time recently. 

What has caught your eye recently?  Sloane on season 6 of Entourage.

What are you planning on showing for SS10 (key trends, fabrics, colors etc…) For constructions, it's our patented SeaVulc construction.  Made with natural rubber, it allows us to make casuals with the comfort of a sneaker.  For materials: long-napped suedes, sea-washed sail cloth, bamboo linen, and authentic Indian bleeding madras.  In colors, we roll out several new lost treasures from the Pantone archives of the 1960s (our exclusive collaboration with Pantone is in its 3rd season).  We especially love ivory, grey-blues, and clay.

What are some themes found throughout your collection?   A continuation of our California in the 60s brand origin, but as we enter our 5th season we delve a little deeper... Gerry Mulligan and West Coast Jazz, the early San Francisco Beat culture, the folk-rock scene at the Troubadour in L.A., a young captain of the UCLA mens' tennis team named Arthur Ashe.