Colette Brings the Catskills to Paris

November 19, 2015 BY CAPSULE


Move over Brooklyn, there’s a new region of New York that Parisians are discovering and celebrating for its creative community, thanks to Colette. For several years, Sarah Andelman, founder and creative genius behind the iconic Parisian shop, has been a regular visitor to the Catskills, where she and her husband have a home. Now, she’s launching Catskills Week – a full week of events, and product showcases in the shop that focus on goods, art, music and literature produced in the area of upstate New York largely known for its rustic views, and outdoor activities.

Parisian Brooklyn-o-philes wont have to shave off their ironic beards just yet -- facial hair, woodworking, artisanal jam making, and other activities now popular in hipster Brooklyn have been happening in the Catskills for decades, which could make Catskills style an easy evolution of the Brooklyn craze that's captivated Paris for so long.

Shop Catskills Week here.