September 20, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

bstoreflyer.jpgWe stopped by the b Store shop on Savile Row shortly after their fashion show yesterday. The shop was participating in London Design Week and is presenting “Clearly A Bag” – a design installation focusing on bags, created by Jo Cope, one of London’s hottest new conceptual fashion and accessories designers.   ‘ Clearly a Bag’ is a conceptual vision of a bag. As a singular design object it has been created to challenge the way an item’s aesthetic familiarity may influence its end design outcome. This design concept takes the defining key elements that makes a bag what it is and configures them in a minimal form, which disregards visual preconceptions. This project is representative of Cope’s desire to make people ‘see and think about fashion differently’; it carries the hall mark of her non frivolous and strong visual design style, seen throughout her work.  Cope’s interest is to build closer relationships between conceptual work and the public, her decision to sell each bag for a seemingly inaccessible price was to push the audiences focus past the bags daily practical application in order to allow them to fully consume its concept.  “I feel that the concept boutique environment of b store and there ongoing affiliation with art and design based projects is the perfect setting to push new ideas”,  says Cope.