Check Out: Danielle Greco. VFiles

September 03, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET


Northeast Philly native Danielle Greco has got it going on. And by “it” we mean a gig as the buyer for the white hot V FILES store and her very own cult TV show “Danielle Live”, where she shows off/celebrates/big ups/gets weird with the store’s merch before a semi-live audience. We recently caught up with the style maven to talk clothes, gold and 90s ska fashions.

What’s awesome about the Internet and clothing right now?

It's really an amazing time for emerging designers. I feel like V Files Made Fashion, which is our crowd-sourced fashion show, is the best place to get discovered today. The people who enter are so amazingly talented and original.

What do you predict will be hot for SS15 womenswear?

I hope it’s along the same lines of SS15 Men’s. I am obsessed with the takeover of silk short sleeve button downs. I want women's to hit that whole 90s/ska/San Diego/silk buttons/matching silk boxer short/ white sneaks moment. LOL.

What would you never leave your house without?

I am an accessories fanatic. Right now I have 6 gold rings, 2 gold chains, a Moschino Spongebob wallet, a set of nails and of course our FW14 VFiles Sport Plus Coaches’ Jacket.

How would describe your personal style/ look?

My personal style was recently described as "Runaway Teen", which I loved. I'm really into wearing vintage metal T-shirts as dresses and very oversized "cozyboi" pieces. I like to pair that with a ton of gold jewelry so I guess I'm like a rocker chola.

Want more? Keep up with Danielle @thugsbunnny.