Casual Sophistication w/ Timo Weiland

September 24, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU



Timo Weiland's SS14 Men's collection is a smash with today's sought after pieces like sweatshorts, baseball jerseys and anoraks detailed with block stripes, bold colors and contrast collars that make the collection stand out more than the typical shirts, chinos and outerwear that hit the streets every season. Weiland looked to the 1950s, not for design but rather for style. The SS14 collection does not stray far from his sensibilities and design tastes, but it is slightly retro in styling.

Alan Eckstein, one half of the design duo was quoted for Esquire saying "We were loosely inspired by the U.S in the '50s — the idea that most people dressed up with ease and sophistication but still could look casual." This is very reminiscent of mens style today which is now a mixture of today's American uniform and activewear. The look is very clean and less constricting, a perfect blend of sporty and chic. Instead of taking cues from movies taking place in the 50s like Back to the Future and Pleasantville or movies made in the 50s like Some Like it Hot, Weiland keeps to today's mens fashion while nodding to the styling of that era.