Showroom Spotlight: Carlus Agency

July 28, 2016 BY CAPSULE


The Carlus Agency, founded by Julien Carlus, serves a discerning guardian and strategist for clients in fashion and design, with expertise in lifestyle editorials, sales development and branding.

The thoughtfully curated roster of clients are unified in their shared vision the agency itself. Bespoke services offered by the international team, mean that clients are able to develop a unique brand voice and presence that allows them to differentiate authentically.

Visit the showroom at Capsule Las Vegas, August 15-17


(c) How do you select your clients? Do you feel that they all share a common aesthetic, vision, etc.?
I like to select my clients based on the shared aesthetic of the company, so therefore we can really create and initiate tailor-made, strategies for each individual client. I wouldn’t say that all the brands have a shared common vision so to say, every brand that has their own unique vision which I appreciate as we have an independent approach to our philosophy, so brands that have a clear and unique vision is great.


Mocha Salt

(c) What is your brand philosophy?
We are independent in philosophy and attitude, I wanted to create an affordable service to both emerging designers and to more established designer, where we can provide bespoke strategies that build branding, sales and communication through personal commitment and a multi-market outreach. In the office we are very international covering a lot of different nationalities’ so we like to build on this international outlook and network for our brands.

Merrill + Forbes

(c) How did you become involved in the fashion industry?
I actually studied Communications and Public Relations at university, so through this I began as a PR Assistant at American Apparel which really gave me the taste for the fashion industry, and the necessities that you need to make in this industry which is very cut-throat.


(c) What trends are you most excited to see in 2017?
One trend I am really excited to see, is the development of lifestyle brands. We are seeing more and more fashion becoming integrated within the daily lifestyle of the wearer. It’s happening everywhere at this moment I think it is really crucial for the future developments of brand too.