Capsule Vignettes: Best Made


Chop it up

Words: James Harris

Of course we love fashion! But it’s pretty boring to focus on one exclusive interest. And we wanted our 5 year anniversary to be anything but boring. That’s why this season, the Capsule New York Men’s and Women’s shows will take extensive and exciting ventures into design, art, craftsmanship, literature, etc. by partnering with people and businesses doing some of our favorite things of the moment in worlds that run parallel to fashion. We basically gave them each a significant portion of floor space, took a deep breath, and told them to go wild. Exhibitors and visitors alike will have the opportunity to explore and discover the most compelling facets of our community’s diverse interests. WeAreTheMarket will profile each Vignette partner and give a taste of what to expect at the (capsule) NY shows.

You wouldn’t normally tell three guys with a bunch of axes to go wild. But Hunter, Ben, and Peter from Best Made Company are doing too many cool things for us to deny them the opportunity to bring a truckload of axes and other tools to Capsule New York and get wacky. What started from the realization that there was no such thing as a quality axe available in NYC has very quickly become a business that brings quality essentials to the discriminating minds and calloused hands of those who know form should follow function. From bags and first aid kits to axes and maps, everything the guys at Best Made create only makes it to the outside world if it’s durable enough to be passed down through a few generations, alongside the stories that accompany and were born from the product. We’re excited for the tales that will come from Best Made showcasing their gear at Capsule New York, and kinda hoping they involve some late night hatchet throwing. Time to start researching the insurance for this. Check out what Best Made Company has to offer at Capsule New York on July 23rd and 24th.