Capsule Vegas Spotlight: Muttonhead

August 13, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Twins Meg and Mel Sinclair are the the creative sibling force behind Canadian brand Muttonhead. The sisters paired up with their friend Paige Cowan to create a brand that has no interest in following trends or even outfitting one gender. These designers have made a name for themselves through sustainable clothing that looks just as good on you as it does on your girlfriend. (If she is nonexistent, sub in "your mother.") The designs are made to transcend seasons so that both of you will keep looking good into the next year. Their SS13 collection, "Good Sport" takes inspiration from sports in the 1970's by using fabrics like corduroy and recycled polyester and hemp to put together looks that celebrate the best of the sporting culture from that decade. We sat down with Meg and Mel to talk about the inception of Muttonhead and what they have in store for Capsule Vegas.

Where did the idea for the Good Sport collection come from?

We are always very inspired by sportswear. This season, our influence came from 1970's sports like baseball, skateboarding, and tennis. We played them on the regular to get into the spirit. Using a lot of 70's fabrics like corduroy and 10 oz denim we tried to stay true to 70's classic styles and shapes, while making them as functional as possible.

What are some of the pieces you are most excited about from your Good Sport collection?

We're pretty excited about our two-tone pieces and reversible crewneck sweatshirts. We also did some 5 panel hats in nice color combos. Our collaboration with the guys from Topo Designs is awesome, we were able to do a complete outfite including a crewneck, utility shorts, a 5 panel, and a matching daypack.

How does your conception/production process differ as unisex clothing designers?

We are always trying to produce styles that not only look good on guys, but that girls will want to wear too. It is sometimes challenging as we move more into the menswear market. We still want to manufacture products that are flattering on girls, but don't scare guys off. We always try to make every style and fit unisex; it sometimes gets tricky with sizing, but we are trying our very best to make it work and are constantly doing fittings on both guys and girls to perfect our styles.

How do you adapt to staying on trend while sticking to your season-less philosophy?

We believe that a good product is something that gets better with age. We kept this collection really simple and made styles that are not only wearable today but would still be on point in ten years. We like when fabrics get nice and worn it and colors fade, it only makes things better. We think it works quite well with our collection and the whole 70's vibe.

We're really excited to have you at Capsule Vegas! What are you most looking forward to about your second round at Capsule this season?

Capsule is such a great place to meet people and interact directly with retailers and press. The show always draws such a great crowd and we're really excited that we've been able to work and grow with the show over the past two years!

What is the best piece of advice that you both have received as designers?

We haven't really received much advice, but our advice would be to keep it simple and not to pay too much attention to the whole trend forecasting stuff. We think our best critics are our friends and we love making stuff that they would be stoked to wear.