Capsule Show NY Mens Roundup: Crazy Shit From Great Brands

August 01, 2013 BY WATM

In our latest foray into the world of moving pictures, we present to you a GIF (or three) so great, they will hurt your eyes. Enter the, "Crazy Shit From Great Brands" GIF, our own personal round-up of favorites from Capsule's veterans and most exciting brands. Get ready to see pants, shoes, hats, backpacks and more. Cloud prints, tank tops and gold topped sleeves. We've got insane prints and low-key minimalism. We'll stop talking now so you can sit back and enjoy the internets favorite photo medium (all shot, of course, by our own GIF and photo master, Will Foster).


Capsule New York Mens was amazing. Vegas promises to be as if not more awesome. August 19-20. See you there?