Capsule Paris Preview: Ele Misko' Jewelry

September 19, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET

Ele Misko’s fine jewelry designs can be described as wearable storytellers. Every piece, made in Melbourne Australia by expert jewelers is not only striking to look at, but is reminiscent of a time or place in designer Misko's life. In her designs, Misko pushes the boundaries of what jewelry is, what it can be made from and how it can be worn, making her pieces a favorite of celebs like Little Dragon and Jessie Ware.


Launched in Berlin in 2013, but now headquartered in Misko's native Melbourne, Misko’s SS15 collection, entitled Cities & Skies, continues to push the boundaries of jewelry fabrication and styling, presenting sculptural pieces that defy social conventions of preciousness. The collection reflects Misko’s traveling spirit, inspired by new and old architecture from cities she has lived and visited around the world.


The Berlin Sunset ring brings together the coldness of the city's structures with the soft hues reflecting from the sky at dusk, featuring a ruby, emerald, garnet and sapphire protruding from the top of the city skyscraper-like silver structure.


The ‘Snowing!’ series shows the contrast of the season across four cities. Black silver and pearls combined with bent industrial hollow pipe takes us to the dark and mysterious winters of Stockholm which stack alongside white pearls delicately positioned atop silver tubing reminiscent of Parisian snow laden buildings.