Capsule Paris Men's Preview: Maiden Noir and Black Pine Workshop

December 17, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET

Maiden Noir is one of those brands that fly just under the radar, but for those who like to stay a few steps off of mainstream, the brand is a wardrobe staple. Traditional, well cut casual mens wear that's heavy on the details, and subtle in appearance, is what Maiden Noir is all about. A Pacific Northwestern sensibility pervades the collection, which is designed in Seattle and produced in Japan. If you haven't seen the brand's recent short film, Into the Darkness, set in the woodsy Seattle environs, it's worth a peek, if not for the beautiful scenery, but to understand the underlying aesthetic of the brand. The line features clean, distinctive silhouettes with a utilitarian slant cut from high-end Japanese fabrications. Think classic trucker jackets reimagined in black canvas, or slim fit nylon and fleece hooded sweatshirts for a refined street vibe.




Sister brand Black Pine Workshop is a creative workshop based in Seattle created with an eye on preserving the tradition of producing quality goods manufactured within the USA. The products are rooted in classic silhouettes, but constructed meticulously with edited simplicity and longevity in mind. Black Pine products are individually hand crafted by artisans with a long history of American production.

Both collections will be joining us at Capsule Paris. Be sure to stop by to see the AW15 collections.