Capsule Paris: Gitman Vintage

January 24, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Will plaid ever die? Many lament and sneer at the ubiquity of the pattern and its variances. It's been several years now, not even seasons, that people have been predicting the its imminent demise. Yet, people continue to rabidly buy it and designers continue to use it, through a variety of mediums. Gitman Brothers has enough confidence in plaid's continued success to raid its archives of any and everything plaid. Putting fashion's undying cynicism aside, they've done it well and done it right and thrown into question plaid's status as trend. Are pinstripes a trend? Double breasted suits? Of course, but they are also timeless standards that vary with time depending on trend. It might be time to bestow that status upon our much maligned friend plaid.