(capsule) NYC Women's Dispatch : Mark McNairy

February 20, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

When asked what his inspiration is for his first women's collection ever, Mark McNairy responds "I dont have inspiration. I just do it". A fitting answer for a man who's made a name for himself in menswear with his daring, devil-may-care approach and clever collaborations. It's possible that this first venture in women's wear is his most daring and clever collaboration yet. We say clever collaboration because he chose his daughter, Daisy, to feature in his women's lookbook (below). The result is a truly McNairy venture - in equal parts camo and neon.

He's borrowed many of his fabrics from the men's collection but introduced others, such as an daisy print suit, (like daughter like father?), and an array of pieces in colorful dyed furs. We're fans of the new (very gender neutral) jersey baseball cardigans, the numbers on which indicate size of the wearer...a risky but awesome move. If this is what McNairy will be making for women in years to come, we say: just, do it, Mark, just do it.[gallery]