(capsule) NYC Women's Dispatch : Billy Reid

February 24, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Billy Reid has been making his women's line for as long as he's been doing his men's - but we don't fault you for just beginning to pay attention now - this could be considered his most expansive and impressive women's collection yet. Previously, Reid's womenswear, while excellently made, was made up from versions of the men's pieces, as if it was designed for the rough and tumble sister of the iconic 'Billy Reid man'. This collection, on the other hand, contains feminine pieces independent from the men's garments, and designed entirely for a newly defined 'Billy Reid woman'. And what a luxurious lady she is. The collection is decidedly European in its look and feel, ripe with deluxe materials like fox fur, buttery leathers, aligator, silk, cashmere, and Nutria which is harvested in (where else?) the deep South. Reid said he was inspired by his trips to Paris this season, and we hope he continues to go there, and bring us with him, time and time again.