Capsule NY Women's Shows: Making Moves

September 11, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET

We've got some major news to report! In February 2015, Capsule will begin a new phase for its New York women’s shows. You could say we’re making moves both literally and figuratively.

First, we’ll relocate to Pier 94 on West 54th street, to to be better positioned near the center of Manhattan. The new venue has great light and enough space to afford us to stretch out a bit and bloom.


We’re also excited to announce the launch a newly formed, expanded section of the show called simply Capsule Accessories. From jewelry to purses, to all the little extras that make a look distinctive, Capsule Accessories will feature a well-curated array of the world's best.



WIth all these changes comes a new look -- we'll offer our brands the experience of newly designed and more flexible display systems. Custom, chic and contained but never contrived - we’ll present the democratic and distinctive flavor our brands and attendees are used to, with improvements for privacy and optimal shopping all around.

There's plenty of progress ahead for the Capsule New York Women's shows. We can't wait for you to experience the new look and feel of Capsule, beginning in February 2015.