Capsule NY Men's Preview: Wood Wood

January 20, 2016 BY CAPSULE

Karl Oskar Olsen, co-founder and menswear designer of this established Danish brand, recently spoke to us about Wood Wood’s history and its new AW 16 collection.

(c): What is the background of Wood Wood and what are you best known for aesthetically and product-wise?

KOO: Wood Wood was founded in 2003. We are a subcultural founded lifestyle brand for both genders. Our style is often described as sophisticated sportswear or street fashion.

(c): What are some of the key items in your AW 16 collection?

KOO: Key items would be in the contemporary fashion part of our collection: formal suiting products with a sporty approach, cross color stitchings and some elements of ‘60s and ’70s color palette. I'd say this is our strongest winter collection so far. It's my own personal favorite winter wardrobe.

(c): What is your overall inspiration for AW 16?

KOO: Douglas Coupland, Ray Kurzweil and Marshall Mcluhan. We worked with the products in an effort to make a collection that consists of hybrids of classics redefined with contemporary details fusing performance and tailoring styling.

(c): Why is Wood Wood a must-see at Capsule this season?

KOO: Wood Wood stands for creativity, quality and attitude. The products should speak for themselves.