Capsule New York Women's Preview: See Concept

February 17, 2015 BY CAPSULE


French eyewear brand See Concept launched in 2010 after taking home the prestigious Prix Innover et Entreprendre. Their goal was simple: because nearly 100% of the population is affected by vision loss at some point in their lives, See Concept sought to design innovative, colorful glasses to "facilitate eyesight on a daily basis."


Today, See Concept actually comprises several sub-collections, including See Home (glasses attached by a chain to a stand, so you won't lose them); See Magnet (magnetized glasses made to stay on your fridge); and LetMeSee (a more fashion-forward range). See Concept has something for everyone.


You can take a look at everything See Concept has to offer at Capsule Accessories from February 22-24 at Pier 94.