Capsule Women's Preview, New York and Paris: Artisan

February 17, 2015 BY CAPSULE


Since 2009, Artisan has been making clothes that are distinctly American. While the team behind the brand notes that inspiration is often steeped in US nostalgia, the collection is unmistakably modern, emphasizing craftsmanship and artistry.

That unique mix has captured the attention of loyal customers who flock to the brand for their hand-crafted goods - and to their well-appointed flagship stores in New York and Columbus, Ohio.

As Artisan says, their clothes are for the people - "beyond age, gender, occupation, ethnicity and all other ways people are defined." That inclusive, "for us, by us" point of view resonates in a world where some fashion brands thrive on exclusivity; the accessibility of Artisan is almost as appealing as the beautiful designs themselves.

See the full women's collection from Artisan at Capsule New York and Capsule Paris.