Capsule New York Preview: JagVi

July 13, 2015 BY CAPSULE


JagVi created its first PE 2013 collection on the borders of Annecy Lake in France, by the combination of two complementary design talents.

"Tailormade for smart travelers," the motto of the brand, reflects the desire to put in your travel suitcase contemporary menswear with smart design, and high-end fabrics, 100% made in France.


JagVi defines their style as minimalist and timeless design, powered by fine fabrics and color research, well-fitted garments and high-end comfort with a willingness toward sustainability by the choice of fabrics from Europe and Japan.


In addition to travel, JagVi is inspired by the world of photography, in tribute to the history of its founders. Its values around discovery, encounters and sharing have given the name "JagVi" to the brand - standing for "I" and "we" in Swedish. This reflects this philosophy of life, with the ambition of sleek, contemporary men's style.

Highlights from the collection include the City Pant, well-cut trousers with an exceptional fabrics, and a design cotton/PA sweater with a friendly touch, made in a French cotton on an old machine dating from the beginning of the 20th century. Each product is born of a desire for comfort and refinement.


If JagVi were an object, it could be interior design furniture inspired both by French elegance and Scandinavian simplicity.


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