(capsule) New York Live!

July 23, 2013 BY WATM


We outta here! The show has been a blast, and we caught as much as we could during the two days (we left out the after party, don't worry guys!) The live blogging is over, but the memories live on. Read on to see what we caught in Basketball City, and look back on the fun on our Instagram feed #capsuleshow.

Day 1 3:20: Ashley Marc Hovelle put his lunch aside to pose with his 1930s inspired striped tee. He looks like he's on vacation, much like the collection.


3:25: Lazy Oaf and Garfield are a match made in heaven! Say hi to Shevone and Jake if you stop by the booth. Tell them WATM sent ya.



3:43: Leathers from Dzojchen. But it doesn't stop there.



3:50: Howes & Baum hanging in the Dana Dramov Showroom. You can catch her on our showroom page.



4:01: MUTTONHEAD!!!! Say hi to Mitch and Paige and of course this reversible quilted vest.



4:25: Dope patterns from Naked & Famous. Ninjas?!?! NINJAS?!?!



And for the cat lovers...



4:50: The boys at Orslow say hello. That shirt was inspired by a vintage blanket from 100 years ago that they found at a thrift shop.



More dope patterns from Orslow.



Oh, and that blanket, well, it's right here.



5:05: More from Dana Dramov's Showroom - Second Layer. Kimono blazer? Hell yeah.



5:15: Simon Miller's baseball team jerseys!! Well, sort of. Baseball jersey inspired and indigo dyed. More coming soon from The Miller team.



5:20 - In God We Trust got accessories on deck. Awesome crew and set up.



5:25: Caleb of Iron and Resin showing some camo printed shorts. They're going old school with the fabrications, dope stuff.



5:26: And some t-shirt modeling.




5:50: U.S. Repo Brand's coolest piece, this camo jacket w/ leather sleeves, varsity jacket style.



6:00: Oh, and we were swooning over their model, Samara, rocking their reversible jacket.




6:15: Around the corner was Armando Cabral. Just coolin'.



6:20: Some of Armando's mens shoes.



6:22: Some women's sneakers from Armando too. Ladies, get ready for SS14!



6:55: Last stop of the day was with Daniel Torjman of 18 Waits. Lost his voice (poor guy), but he hasn't lost his smile.



He's keeping a diary as a form of communication. Left us a nice message.



Day 2- 12:00: Outside of M. Nii. Surf's up! Original surf brand isn't back, because they never left. Still killing it. The blazer on the left is a recreation of a vintage, Hawaiian blazer too. Dope as hell.



1:34: Chillin' at Above Tree Line. Arc'teryx is killing the color game. Performance is getting fashionable for sure. The lineup of jackets are perfect for climbing, and for those that have never seen a mountain in person before, they're great for cycling too. The first on the rack is for ice climbing (insert Smash Bros. reference here).



1:56: Brandon is modeling one of the jackets, doing his best climbing ninja impression. Next trend?



2:05: Scott and Brittany of Freeman let us shoot a few photos and hangout. The jackets hanging are their bread and butter, the design that got them in the industry back in 2010. Simple and technical climbing gear. All made in Seattle, so yeah there's not just music up there.



2:15: Liberty London's lookbook and ties. Photo look familiar?



2:22: Prints are stellar too. Look at the birdies!

liberty-london-capsule-show liberty-london-capsule-show-3


2:35: Speaking of Liberty London, check out their collab with Onia at Onia's booth. Phresh.



3:00: Stopped over at Gilded Age to learn about jeans. So much detail and work goes into a single pair- special washes and sanding. Love it.



And then we saw these hand-painted, one-of-a-kind jeans and forgot everything. They may be up for auction, but don't bid against us.



4:30: After chowing down on some sliders at the GQ lounge, we went over to say hi to the boys at Kit Neale. Amazing prints that our homegirl across the pond, Robin Reetz, covered for us. Nostalgia overload.



We're scouring the web for preschool floor mats that are just like these. Don't ask, we just want it.



4:45: Nicholas K is on fire. Couldn't stop him, he was in the zone.



4:46: Same story at Costalots, but check out their shades. We were tempted to try a pair.



4:59: "World champions, every year ever." Too late to make this our catch phrase? Great collection though.



5:10: Sunpocket!!! Awesome set up. Jacob, can't wait to see ya in Vegas.


5:30: We caught up with Chris and Garrett over at Woolrich. The poncho rolls up into the waxed canvas at the top, and the harnesses hold the wool. This stopped us every time we walked past.



And the ducks stopped us too. We can't help but fall for that cutesy stuff...



5:50: BPMW's own, Martin and I chilled with our boy JC Chang from GANT. We met him awhile back remember?



6:00: And that's a wrap folks. Awesome show this time around. Way more stuff to share this week so keep up with us for more deets on the show and brands. See ya in Vegas!


So what was your favorite part? Hit us up @wearethemarket and @capsuleshow!