Capsule Menswear Brand Highlights: NY Men's AW17 edition

January 19, 2017 BY CAPSULE

Looking to discover the tried & true, as well as that new now...look no further! Read on to discover a few of the Menswear collections joining us for New York Men's this A/W17 edition!



The Proper Sneaker by Camille Tanoh

Designer, Camille Tanoh, has quite the fashion pedigree, with stints at the likes of Paul Smith, Pierre Hardy and Balenciaga under her belt. It’s no wonder that her own Paris-based shoe brand, The Proper Sneaker is the skillfully executed embodiment of strong branding and visual identity, fine and and the utilitarian design. Applying the principles of alternative minimalism, the brand concept is based on reducing styles to the essential elements. Tanoh’s own reputation for perfectionism and simplicity, have resulted this covetable collection of pared-down must-haves.




Classic outerwear brand, Penfield, is not new to this -- since its establishment in 1975 the label has been synonymous with quality pieces for the natural-born explorer. The reputation hasn’t faltered in nearly 40 years, and from hipster to outdoorsmen, the iconic logo is constantly spotted in the wild. With the tagline of creating for ‘life in the open’ Penfield has remained authentic, while taking the kinds of style risks that keep it relevant in a sea of new labels. FW17 celebrates the brand’s rich history, with modern updates in finishes and technical details. The tonal camo Equinox down puffer and tricolor block Greylock jacket are two new styles, that sit perfectly next to an updated palette including fire orange, phosphorous and pink. Within shirting, indigo dyed dobby textures, military inspired ripstops and soft flannels make for the perfect underpinnings for the trusted outerwear assortment. FW17’s strength lies in its combination of classic and contemporary, striking a balance between Penfield’s traditional ethos and a modern approach.


S.K. Manor Hill

Designer Dominic Sondag combines the Cali cool of his hometown of SF with Italian design sense, after studying fashion in Florence. Immersion in the world of artisan goods, art, fashion and history, created the rich foundation for S.K. Manor Hill. Sondag initiated his fashion design career in Europe, working on the design team at London’s Chucs Dive & Mountain Shop. In 2012, he relocated to New York City to work with Engineered Garments’ production and design/development teams. He maintains his loyalty to European fabrics in sourcing, with manufacturing done stateside. The newcomer to the menswear arena is already right at home in publications like Hypebeast and Complex, and certainly one to watch.




Kappa Kontroll FW17 is dedicated to the iconic advertising campaign from Kappa: LIKE NO OTHER. The aesthetic nods to 80s and 90s soccer gear, combining technical execution and comfort. Beyond the leisurewear roots, Like No Other also maintains elegance with refined colors and minimal branding. Kappa collections include sports footwear and accessories designed to guarantee the best performance. A haphazard production error in the company’s inaugural run resulted in the “K” that is now proudly emblazoned as a way to not only call our Kappa, but guarantee quality.



Private Policy

Private policy is a line for the rule-breakers, with the brand ethos revolving around a rebellious school of thought: “we are not trying to make fancy shit for people, we rather make PRIVATE POLICY, just some cool stuff for our friends.” The line emerges from the streets of Downtown New York, with favorite hoods in Chinatown, Soho and The Lower East Side. It’s no secret that the taste of the cool kids is constantly evolving, and Private Policy is happy to ebb and flow with what their circle wants now. The collections break the boundaries in fashion, between menswear and womenswear, between high fashion and street wear, between fashion and the world. FW ‘17 inspiration comes from the condition of having multiple head, or polycephaly. Followers can expect an exploration of globalization, with work in heavy canvas, quilting and nylon as a nod to militarism, and hopeful catalyst of deep thought and discussion about the current state of society.



Bridge and Burn

Bridge and Burn founder, Erik Prowell, was wrapping up a masters degree in computer science when he realized that tech was not his calling. With no formal design training, he fearlessly forged a new career path. Rooted and designed in Portland, OR, Bridge & Burn is classic, functional, distinctively Northwest apparel for men and women, paying homage to the natural beauty of the brand’s hometown.




Denmark-founded unisex brand, Democratique Socks, launched in January 2012 to fill a gap in the market for quality options. While the inaugural collection was designed by the in-house team, subsequent designs (released every 2-3 months) will be chosen the brand’s own fans. There are 6-12 new styles every 2-3 months to follow seasonal colors and materials. This emerging category is one that Democratique is looking to take to a new level, producing in the best factories, and consistently creating innovative new styles. The AW17 collection, the 10th collection for the brand, is inspired by the danish countryside, and includes collaborations with jeans brand EDWIN and tastemaker Virgil Nicholas.



Fisher + Baker

Fisher + Baker doesn’t take a moment for granted -- whether you’re wading through an inbox, or the stream, this line wants you to feel ready in what you wear. Fisher + Baker garments are manufactured using best in class technical materials and advanced textile processes. The result? Something that was thought to be impossible; timeless style paired with incredible performance. Fisher + Baker strives to achieve men’s needs for functional lifestyle clothing that is timeless in style, offers purposeful details and performs to meet their everyday needs. Whether that’s in the boardroom or taproom; hitting the trail or street; we fulfill a guy’s everyday clothing needs.



New Era Cap

This season New Era cap will be showing their premium fashion collection, "EK", at Capsule NYC. The line incorporates high-end fabrics, premium branding and new silhouettes, as a departure from what followers may expect. The concept is targeting a discerning clientele, seeking something new, and special when it comes to accessories. Since being founded in 1920 by Ehrhardt Koch, New Era has been united classic style with an endless passion for innovation. The EK line brings together the finest quality fabrics and vintage inspired designs to create a truly timeless collection.


Uniform Wares

Uniform Wares speaks for itself with timeless timepieces that opt for a trusted brand. Vs. branding. Established in 2009, founders Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles set out with an objective to create a progressive, clean wristwatch collection for the modern man and woman of substance and style. Each item is designed in their London studio, with finishing touches in Switzerland.




Sportwear brand, Qilo, came to be during the summer of 2013, when two college friends took their love of five-panel caps to the next level. Striving to create the perfect cap, Qilo creators started with their cult favorite pineapple print, which immediately flew off the shelves. Since, the label has gone international, with constant reimaginations of classic styles and silhouettes. Qilo strives to provide its customers and audience with this sense of hospitality, welcoming, and fun.



George Brown Bilt

George Brown began his foray into footwear in 1877 with The Brown Shoe Company, his response to being frustrated with making inferior footwear in the Midwest. In 1901 he established the Buster Brown children’s brand, and at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, he erected a mini footwear factory to demonstrate how quality shoes were made. George Brown Bilt honors his legacy to this day, blending Brown’s passion for innovation with the needs of today’s modern man, and keeping the name synonymous with quality shoes.

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