(capsule) Hats For LeBron

June 20, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


Game 7 of the NBA Finals is tonight, and we’re on edge. We’ve trash talked through the entire series that went tit for tat between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. The most notable part of Game 6 last Tuesday is not the Heat’s late game comeback or overtime. The most notable part is that LeBron James is now 1-for-1 when playing sans headband. As basketball fans, we know how much LeBron depends on his headband…

As men, we shouldn’t joke about LeBron’s hair. Male patterned baldness is unforgiving and crippling. Your flowing locks begin to disappear before you can appreciate it. You know how Samson lost his strength because Delilah cut his hair? It’s real! All of your confidence is gone the second you notice that your hair is thinning.

At Game 6, LeBron proved that he’s a different animal. He took the one thing that scares men and made it his strength. It’s pretty inspiring actually. LeBron wears his headband during games so that he can live sans headwear after the game. Sure there’s a Yankee fitted here or there, but for the most part his forehead is on display off the court.

Bron, you shouldn't quit cold turkey. You have to make a smooth and easy transition into accepting your hairline and putting it on display. So for your upcoming off days, we’ve rounded up a few hats from our brands that you can rock during the off season.

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Muttonhead-hat-for-LeBron-we-are-the-marketMuttonhead x TOPO 5 Panel Black & Cord at Muttonhead

This 5 Panel snapback is super low-key. It's a good nighttime, hanging out with my crew from the State Farm commercial, in Los Angeles for the weekend, about to meet up with Kobe and Dwight hat. This collaboration cap is unisex too, so if you feel like throwing it on a girl's head while you're grinding on her, you'll definitely win her over.

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Lightning Bolt "Team Bolt" Hat at Lightning Bolt

This is more of a Birdman hat (Birdman! Birdman! right Shaq?), but it's better suited for you. It's a trucker cap, and you're a trendsetter in the league, wear it while traveling and see who follows you.

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Brooklyn We Go Hard Navy/Camel Cap at Hypebeast Store

The offseason is best spent with your children, Bron. This is cool hat that shows you're still young, but you're maturing. There's only one left, so cop soon! You can rock this with all of your Michael Bastian digs, and blast your boy Jay-Z's song while you ride around town.

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Norse Projects 3 Needle Pinstripe Hat at End Clothing

You've made it to the top of stylish lists and everybody in the industry loves you. Keep the praise going with this dope cap from Norse Projects. "Oh, this old thing?" Practice that line in the mirror.

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Lazy Oaf "Mo Green" Cap at Lazy Oaf

"Mo' money! Mo' money!" Wear this to your next contract negotiation where we know you'll be asking for astronomical, A-Rod type money. Better yet, wear this when you decide to take your talents somewhere else. Or you can wait for Lazy Oaf's SS14 collection? It's up to you.

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Maharishi Rice Border Fisher Hat at Maharishi

We spotted bucket hats last year. Copped yours yet? It's cool if you didn't, because we found the perfect one for you. If you're going to spend more time in Miami during the offseason, maybe you can take your kids fishing? Any reason to wear this dope fisherman hat.

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Penfield "Casper" Cap at Need Supply

This cap may be sold out, but we don't think you will have a hard time tracking this baby down. Sticking with the camouflage motif, this cap is better suited for your impromptu visits to Rucker Park. Durant went not too long ago, when are you stopping by?

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OBEY Circle Patch 5 Panel Hat at OBEY Clothing

Maybe tiger camo is more your speed? This style camouflage is pretty popular nowadays thanks to WTaps, Supreme, and other brands. Players' stylists will recognize that you keep up with Complex too when you wear this one.

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Mark McNairy Grey AK47 Baseball Cap at Hypebeast Store

If you skipped all of the previous hats, then you can't pass this one up. This hat is for your haters, the naysayers, the journalists and sports fans that refuse to give you props for your accomplishments throughout your almost 10-year career. This hat is for all of the hair quips, jokes, and teasing that has been going on since day 1 in the league. Just tap the brim of this cap and say you'll take aim and silence the next doubter that decides to open their mouth about you. This hat will become your signature, but hey if skip this cap and still quit wearing head gear cold turkey then we have 1,000 more hair jokes lined up. The choice is yours.

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