'Garden Chic' Ideas for Kanye


It truly is Yeezy Season. The 35-year-old rapper that "don't do no press" has a huge month ahead with Governor's Ball, his sixth album, Yeezus being released, and his baby shower! According to TMZ, Kim has announced the dress code for the shower which will be "Garden Chic." As if Kim didn't get enough flack for her Riccardo Tisci designed Met Gala dress, she is ignoring the criticism she endured by continuing with the floral trend. Now if we were dealing with Graduation era West that expressed his admiration for A Bathing Ape via his blog years ago, we wouldn't think much of what he would pull out or design for the shower (remember he was working on Pastelle at the time). We're having a hard time wrapping our minds around the idea of minimalist, single color palette Yeezy going "Garden Chic" for the shower, so we figure that he needs some inspiration. Look no further Ye, here's a few looks from our (capsule) designers that's available now and fit your baby shower's theme.

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam

Fred Perry Laurel Wreath


Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen



Gitman Vintage


Norse Projects