Capsule Curated: James Tirado (Antenna Magazine)

July 29, 2014 BY CAPSULE

We invited some of our favorite menswear nerds in the industry to check out the Capsule NY Men's show and put together a list of what caught their eyes.

Here are the curated choices from our dude James Tirado. James is an editor at Antenna Magazine, and from Queens, NY. Here's what he loved at SS15.


Still Good Sweater

In my eyes Still Good's designer Clement Taverniti is one of the best young designers out right now. After seeing the entire S/S 15 collection I'm completely sold on the Still Good brand and believe that there's only room to grow for Clement.

Rascals Pinstripe Pants:

I chose these Rascals Pants because I'm making a conscience effort to stay away from safe pants. My pants have always been simple solid-colored flat fronts, so the pinstripes and elastic banded bottoms on these I feel like help me change it up while still being somewhat professional — by fashion standards that is.

Generic Surplus Sneakers:

Basic and super buttery. Obviously people are going to say they're Common Project knock-offs, which is odd because Common Projects are knock-offs in themselves. The quality on a CP is just better than other generic white tennis shoes. From picking up these Generic Surplus sneakers at Capsule I can tell they're immediately very wearable and I'm sure will be much cheaper than a CP.

Komono Sunglasses:

They're big, just like my face. I don't feel comfortable wearing small sunglasses, which seem to be the wave right now, because I feel like they just don't look normal on my gigantic head. I'll usually go with something more medium to large sized, but I've been too into keyhole nose bridges lately. I feel that these would be a nice change of pace.

Miansai Cuff and Komono watch:

I'm known for always rocking a brass Giles and Brother cuff with "QUEENS" engraved on it and while I may love it, I'm sick of my wrist turning green when I sweat in the summer. So, I've decided to step the cuff game up a little bit. Always wearing it on my right wrist with my watch, though. I write with my left hand and accessories on the left wrist just get in the way.