Capsule Curated: Jamal Jackson (Style Society Blog)

July 31, 2014 BY CAPSULE

We invited some of our favorite menswear nerds (ahem, "enthusiasts") in the industry to check out the Capsule NY Men's show and put together a list of what caught their eyes.

Here are the curated choices from our dude Jamal Jackson from Style Society Guy. Here's what he loved at SS15.


Entrofe Coat

It’s one thing to own a great overcoat, it’s another to own a statement coat, one that speaks before you do. This coat is perfect for someone that likes a classic garment with a pop of trend.


A perfect wool blend cap to separate a business look. Yes, Snoopy will make your look that much cooler. TSPTR gets it!

18 Waits Shirt

Functionality plays a big part in my style. 18 waits held it down with the striped collar shirt. Most importantly, they made removable sleeves. Now this is an all year around piece.

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Shirt

This shirt is anything but boring. The dots are bold enough and the taxi colored collar is extremely bright. A navy blazer with slim lapels this would make for a perfect.

Jacques-Elliott Tie

Grey and white striped tie. One of my favorite essentials, it's simple and to the point. You can’t go wrong with this.

Jacques-Elliott Jacques-et Square

This print is fantastic. As a pocket square should be, it's very thin and small. I would throw it in the pocket on my jean jacket just to switch it up a bit.


Options are key. I picked this bag because it is versatile and durable. You can have your choice of a backpack or tote. If you live in NYC or or a commuter you know how important this is.

Richer Poorer Socks

Little details are a big deal. No need to show this sock much because it already catches attention. Unless you want everyone to see how cool the floral vintage print is.

Yuketen & Monitaly Wingtip

A direct and to the point slip on wingtip. The white gives it a fresh clean look. Paired with a cuffed pant raised slightly higher and you've got the Pitti look down pat.

Rascals Tank

I rarely see a good knitted tank. This one felt heavy and durable compared to the average flimsy tank. Perhaps you could squeeze two seasons in with this tank being as though its heavy enough.

Manastash Jacket

Comfy is the motto. This is a key layering piece. Wear a collared shirt and pop this piece on top for a fall combo. Or leave it unzipped with a tank underneath for Spring. Definitely an innovative design.