Capsule Curated: Jake Woolf of Four-Pins

February 05, 2014 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER

We invited some of our favorite menswear nerds in the industry to check out the Capsule NY Men's show and put together a list of what caught their eyes. Here are the curated choices from one of the one of the interwebs snarkiest guys- Jake Woolf of Four-Pins.


So, our ethos here at Four Pins is basically to cut through all the bullshit that #menswear typically uses to prop up brands — heritage, a corny backstory, etc. — and just judge them on their most important quality: their aesthetics. All that extra shit is just a distraction from the real question that anyone asks when trying on something: Does this look good on me?

Caputo and Co Tote

So I actually really hate not beings hands free at all time, whether that means I'm schleping a to-go bag from Chipotle or a duffel bag full of cash. But the fact remains that sometimes I need to transport stuff either to work or my girlfriend's apartment (mostly sneakers and fresh undies because the idea of wearing the same exact sneakers two days in a row is terrifying), so if I'm going to need one, then I'd of course want it be something that makes other people take notice of how stylish I am. The chevron stripe on this Caputo & Co. tote is the perfect detail for my vain motivations. Fun Fact: My girlfriend and I met at Capsule in 2http://1b4 Who ever said menswear trade shows were a sausage fest?

Burkman Bros Popover Flannel

Black and blue plaid > black and red plaid. That latter just reminds people of that Brawny beefcake. Also, popovers> full button ups. Popovers are actually kind of obnoxious to get into (as in literally get your body into the shirt), but it's something your non-fashion friends will take note of and you'll instantly become the "stylish one" of the group.

Grunge John Orchestra Explosion Coat

Lolz at this brand name right? The craziness of it is only rivaled by the craziness of the actual products. The brand owners tell me they're from Russia, where I'm pretty sure there is a perpetual polar vortex. It was, like, 15 degrees outside during the trade show and these guys were rocking board shorts and flip flops (not really, but it wouldn't have shocked me). This parka, complete with a removable down lining and wire hood, is perfect for when you want to give a big middle finger to mother nature, that cold-blooded bitch.

Timberland 8 inch boot

Do I really have to justify why Timberland boots are in here? Andy from Timberland told me these are actually the OG OG OG Timberland boot, the 8 inch (I know I said backstories are lame but sometimes you need to have a factoid in your back pocket to prove to people you know your shit). These are perfect for stunting on peasants who just starting rocking 6 inch wheat Timbs yesterday.

Han Kjobenhavn Neoprene Pants

Han Kjobenhavn (Copenhagen Man) might be the best brand on the planet right now. Their Fall/Winter 2http://1b4 collection was straight wall to wall bangers, and these neoprene sweatpants are indicative of their next level sensibilities. Scuba Steve swag is about to be popping off next winter. Catch me out here come Christmas in these pants and a crocodile skin oxygen tank on my back.

Cash Ca T-shirt

I just think this a really nice way to do floral without doing "floral". This is like your grandma's wallpaper for the dining room where family holiday dinners are held, not your grandma's wallpaper for the bathroom where you sneak away to so you can smoke weed during said dinner.

Photography & Illustration by Will Foster